Three Eyed Man

He. Sees. All. From a remote desert, to a small high school to a mystical shanty town somewhere in the American south, Essen’s poetic and often surreal page turner of a debut anthology will enchant and haunt you.  

Three Eyed Man cover
First edition cover of Three Eyed Man by Owen Essen. Cover art copyright Eve Ventrue.


Essen’s literary debut combines short stories, brief poetry and three novellas: One follows a trouble young man as he wanders into a mystical desert to be alone. Another follows a group of friends in their senior year of high school as a mysterious transfer student leads them towards an ever more exciting, and dangerous, lifestyle. The final story follows June, a twelve year old girl, caught in the middle between her divorcing parents. One a devout Catholic, the other a highly regarded shaman-for-hire. This surreal collection blends gritty realism and imaginative magic to weave a sometimes funny, sometimes dark, deeply personal exploration of finding one’s place in the world.

Owen Essen’s Three Eyed Man is coming soon to Amazon and other major book marketplaces. Check back soon for details.


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